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Handmade with love in Wisconsin

Preflats, Contours, Fluff & Stretch Covers & More

Why Preflats?

* Preflats and Contours offer 360 degree coverage for maximum absorbency

*No harsh elastics

*Super soft & stretchy

*Faster drying time

Why Pockets?

* Pockets can be easy for daycare or family members to change diapers

*Choose your own absorbency based on your insert

*Our pocket diapers go up to 65lbs+

*Awj interior to keep baby’s skin dry

Why Fluff & Stretch Covers?

*Stretchy, soft, and waterproof

*Looks like shorts instead of a diaper

*No harsh elastics

*Great for overnight or daytime

*Wipeable PUL inside for continued use all day

Preflat Folding Guide & More Info